New York in the Pandemic Years: 2020-2022(?)

I studied photography in college. I loved the process: going out to shoot, developing the film in my kitchen, quiet afternoons printing in the closet that I called my darkroom. For sundry reasons–some good, some bad–I stopped practicing film photography some time after college. I let my Nikon sit, untended, until a few years ago.

Like so many others, something about 2020 made me pick up film photography again. At first, I sent my film out to a professional lab, but after a while I started processing at home again. I bought a scanner, and a makeshift darkroom was born.


closed playground, Central Park
traces of where the field hospital once stood in Central Park

Empty Met steps / Empty hot dog carts, first Covid summer
Graffiti in Nolita, Summer 2020
Outdoor dining in Chinatown – outside of Nom Wah, Doyers St.
All quiet on Canal St., Chinatown, Fall 2020
chinatown – under the bridge
masked runner
masked walker on Brooklyn Bridge
souvenir vendor with no customers, Brooklyn Bridge
a shuttered Chinatown
pandemic Christmas, 2020.


on the beach … next to the Astoria ferry stop

dejeuner sur l’herbe for the pandemic era, Red Hook
Chinatown comes back to life, Summer 2021

Restoring a damaged city – new mural in Chinatown
hot dog stands down by Basketball City, Lower East Side
masked walker, Lower East Side


Social distancing during our Omicron winter

Memorial Day, 2022, corner of Mott and Grand, Little Italy
Wreaths, Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral, Broome St.

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